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CD boot time of KNOPPIX shortens by "LCAT"


In order to decrease the boot duration, we have customized KNOPPIX.
and named "Accelerated-KNOPPIX".

Accelerated-KNOPPIX1.0 is based on KNOPPIX4.02 Japanese version.
We managed to boost the performance by using LCAT package and boot duration
has been shortened by half.

Now, We have customized KNOPPIX 5.0.1 English version released on the
2nd of June 2006.

Each boot time is about half time as follows.

[PC1:Panasonic Let's Note W2]
CPU:Pentium M 900MHz MEM:512MB CD-Drive:24x
140sec --------> 59sec

CPU:Pentium M 1.6GHz MEM:1GB CD-Drive:24x
170sec --------> 97sec

Please refer to the manual (English version) for the method of
speed-up by LCAT.

We hope that the LCAT package will be included in the main stream.

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