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Re: CD boot time of KNOPPIX shortens by "LCAT"


On Wed, Jun 07, 2006 at 11:19:35PM +0900, Kenji Kitagawa wrote:
> Dear,
> In order to decrease the boot duration, we have customized KNOPPIX.
> and named "Accelerated-KNOPPIX".
> http://www.alpha.co.jp/ac-knoppix/index_en.html

I am aware of the project, however, after reading the sources, I am
afraid that LCAT would change the format of the cloop-file in an
incompatible way (it comes with a different compressed_loop.c that does
some things I don't fully understand yet). Is this true, or am I
misreading the source?

The format of the cloop file is certainly changed by LCAT. However,
because the downward compatibility is considered,it still has the
compatibility between old format and new format.

The documentation is available only in japanese yet, it seems.

This time,we have released the English version of the LCAT manual according
to the contribution.
Please refer to the following address.


--Kenji Kitagawa

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