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Re: CD boot time of KNOPPIX shortens by "LCAT"


I compared the boot time on my machine (ThinkPAD T42: Pentium M
1.8GHz, 24x CD-Drive, 2GB Memory).

The results were
     Original KNOPPIX 5.0.1 CD     2m40s 
     Accelerated KNOPPIX 5.0.1 CD  1m40s 
Accelerated was 1.6 faster than original KNOPPIX.

I took QuickTime video. Have fun. 
   Low resolution Image 14MB
   Medium resolution mage 45MB
   High resolution Image 90MB


 >>From: "Kenji Kitagawa" <kitagake@alpha.co.jp>
 >>Subject: CD boot time of KNOPPIX shortens by "LCAT"
 >>In order to decrease the boot duration, we have customized KNOPPIX.
 >>and named "Accelerated-KNOPPIX".
 >>Accelerated-KNOPPIX1.0 is based on KNOPPIX4.02 Japanese version.
 >>We managed to boost the performance by using LCAT package and boot duration
 >>has been shortened by half.
 >>Now, We have customized KNOPPIX 5.0.1 English version released on the
 >>2nd of June 2006.
 >>Each boot time is about half time as follows.
 >>[PC1:Panasonic Let's Note W2]
 >>CPU:Pentium M 900MHz MEM:512MB CD-Drive:24x
 >>140sec --------> 59sec
 >>CPU:Pentium M 1.6GHz MEM:1GB CD-Drive:24x
 >>170sec --------> 97sec
 >>Please refer to the manual (English version) for the method of
 >>speed-up by LCAT.
 >>We hope that the LCAT package will be included in the main stream.
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