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Re: Truecrypt

Klaus Knopper wrote:

I'd like to second the suggestion to include it.
That would IMHO mean encouraging people to use a "proprietary" (or "shared source") software instead what we already have.

Again, please convince me! ;-)

Hello Klaus,
The best I can do is to list, succinctly and as objectively as I
know how, the pros and the cons I see:


- Trucrypt uses its own variant of "open (shared?) source" license.
- It gives the user an undesirable choice.
- Truecrypt containers have their own, unique format.


- Full source can be inspected - and the program can be built from
   the source by anybody.
- Uses, in addition to AES, other ciphers, in particular Blowfish
   and Serpent.
- It large user base and an active user community help forum.
- It provides good deniability + "hidden container".
- It's the only open source disk encryption solution that mounts the
   same container on both common platforms - it helps users who are
   migrating from Windows.

The last item is, IMHO, "the clincher".

cheers, cdr

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