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Re: So I downloaded 5.0.1 and...

On 06/06/05 17:07 (GMT-0400) Klaus Knopper apparently typed:

> On Mon, Jun 05, 2006 at 03:26:42PM -0400, Gilles wrote:

>> A browser with URL fonts so small 
>> you can hardly read them is really awkward. Same for a search window 
>> that's about 3 cm long. The code from Mozilla 1.4.3 should be OK. The 
>> URL fonts were small, but readable, and you could search from the URL 
>> bar.

> So, your suggestion is to return to Mozilla 1.4.3, instead of increasing
> the URL font and/or search window size, right?

I don't know about v5, because I don't do DVD, but with all Knoppix
versions I've used, X and the KDE desktop always default 75 DPI, no
matter what display size I select before letting boot proceed from the
initial splash. Maybe I've missed it or only seen older versions of the
cheat codes, but I don't see that there's any way at that point to get X
to use a realistic DPI. Since most (all?) modern browsers default to a
minimum 96 DPI, it seems that a default to that same DPI for the desktop
would make a lot of sense. In no case when I've allowed knoppix to boot
entirely to its own default have I not found absolutely everything in
every UI component in X to be too small with the default DPI.

My workaround has been to initialize to runlevel 1, start mc, hunt down
whatever file in the /etc tree contains -dpi 75 (which I've nearly
always forgotten since the last time I need to), and either remove any
line containing it, or change it to something realistic, before starting
X. That's not very friendly startup.
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