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Re: So I downloaded 5.0.1 and...

Le 5 Juin 2006 17:07, vous avez écrit :

> On Mon, Jun 05, 2006 at 03:26:42PM -0400, Gilles wrote:
> > Le 5 Juin 2006 04:56, Klaus Knopper a écrit :
> > > Dear Gilles,
> > >
> > > If you just tell me HOW I can fix the ca keyboard problem, I
> > > will fix it in Knoppix and send a Debian package to the KDE
> > > maintainers so they can fix it in Debian, too. No lengthy
> > > reply, just an offer.
> > >
> > > :-)
> >
> > You can fix the problem by reverting to the previous situation.
> > The ca keyboard worked perfectly in Knoppix 3.7 and 3.9.
> *sighs* If THAT is your solution, I suggest that you stay with the
> old system and NEVER install new software.

That's pretty much what I have to do now.

> I don't want to be unfair. But if you could tell me at least if
> there is a kind of error message, or different keyboard choices in
> the KDE control center which won't work or that are not available
> anymore, that would help somehow in locating the problem.

No, there's absolutely no error message. The cf keyboard has 
disappered from the list and the ca keyboard seems to be the cf 

So, you can only choose the ca keyboard and what you get is the cf 
keyboard. (Apparently. As I said, I don't have a cf keyboard 

> > (Maybe the 4 series
> > too, I don't know.) I suppose the same goes for cf. I don't have
> > a cf keyboard anymore.
> cf?

ca stands for canadian, cf for canadian french. Both can be used by 
french-speaking poeple. Nost english-speaking people use the us 
keyboard. I explained the history of each keyboard in my first 

> > Maybe you can patch Firefox instead.
> I don't intend to "patch" software that is easily configurable. 

Fonts size in the URL window is not configurable here. Not from any 
menu, at least and it's the most impirtant part of the browser. I 
didn't see any way to remove the search window and use the url window 
for searching.

> If
> you recommend a differen setting for Firefox concerning fonts
> (which are perfectly readable on our test systems, btw), 

Do you use 1280 x 1024? 19" monitors and even some LCD 17" screens run 
at this definition. 1600 x 1200 most be a real joke!

> > A browser with URL fonts so small
> > you can hardly read them is really awkward. Same for a search
> > window that's about 3 cm long. The code from Mozilla 1.4.3 should
> > be OK. The URL fonts were small, but readable, and you could
> > search from the URL bar.
> So, your suggestion is to return to Mozilla 1.4.3, instead of
> increasing the URL font and/or search window size, right?

No. I supposed you could grab the code that defines the url window in 
Mozilla 1.4.3 and paste it in Firefox. But I suppose rewriting it 
wouldn't be such a big job so, what I really meant is that things 
were once done right.

This craze of having an extra search window -- which was started by 
Opera, I believe. Then Konqueror followed, then Firefox -- is 
completely ridiculous. It's a hinderance. Final. From screenshots I 
saw yesterday, it seems that only Epiphany and Galeon resisted the 
stupid trend.

> > What about the printer problem? How come I can't load any driver?
> > The md5sum has been checked, the signed asc file too. My printer
> > worked perfectly in 3.7. There's also been a recent Kanotix
> > release -- 2005-4, I believe. I can check -- which worked
> > perfectly.
> If there is no solution that I can use, it doesn't help if you tell
> me "it's working there, but not there", sorry. :-(

Well, maybe some programmer will be able to tell you. All I can tell 
you is that it doesn't work.You asked for error messages for the 
keyboard, but there was none. Here there were, and I gave them to 
you. (See first message)

BTW, it seems Ubuntu Dapper has a problem printing too, and it's a 
final version too:

"The other big bug involves printing. Whether or not this affects you 
may depend on the printer you have, but many others besides myself 
reported the same problem so I know I'm not alone. What I found 
(during beta-testing) is that my printer would only print in draft 
mode, even though I'd set it up to print high-quality. However, the 
problem only seemed to affect Gnome apps - the KDE apps all printed 
beautifully. You notice I'm talking in the past tense. That's because 
since the final release of Dapper, things have changed - the 
above-mention bug is no longer an issue because I can no longer print 
anything at all! This is a near disaster. Although I don't use it 
often, a printer is rather like an ATM card - when you need it, you 
really need it, or you're in big trouble."

Ladislav Bodnar

> > In all those situations, the code that works has been written.
> > One wonders why it is not used : ( I don't understand what's
> > going on.
> Then, if you have code that works, why are you not using it?  I'm
> sorry if you are disappointed, but as always, I'd recommend that
> you, as anybody else, should just use the system that works best
> for you.

I appreciate that you say "works best", not just "works".  There's 
always bound to be one that "works best".


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