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Re: serving a large file over a LAN?

On Mar 26, 2006, at 8:09 AM, Robert Citek wrote:
How can I server a large file (2+ GB) over a local network using Knoppix 4.0.2CD?

Thanks to all for suggestions. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to explore any of them, yet. Instead, I copped out and went with what I was most familiar by splitting the large file to <2GB chunks. With the split I only needed to change a single line in my existing script from this:

  wget http://${webserver}/debian.img -O - > /dev/hda1

to this:

  wget http://${webserver}/debian.img.0{0,1} -O - > /dev/hda1

One of the nice features of wget is that it shows a progress bar, a nice visual that shows that something is going on. With that change, Knoppix works great for cloning: insert CD, boot, run script, reboot. Takes about 10 minutes to clone.

For details on the process:


- Robert
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