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Re: serving a large file over a LAN?


On Sun, Mar 26, 2006 at 08:09:49AM -0600, Robert Citek wrote:
> How can I server a large file (2+ GB) over a local network using  
> Knoppix 4.0.2CD?
> I've got an image of a Debian partition that's about 3.1 GB.  Using  
> Knoppix I'd like to serve it up over the local network without  
> requiring a username and password.  In that way a simple fetch tool  
> like wget can retrieve the file and send it to stdout.  So far I have  
> not come up with an ideal solution:
> - webserver: Apache 1.3 doesn't support large files

Unfortunately, neither Apache 1.3 nor 2 in Debian are compiled with
LARGE_FILE support.

> - ssh: works, but requires a username and password, i.e is not easily  
> scriptable.

It IS easy scriptable. Please read about the public key login feature
(ssh-keygen, authorized_keys vonfig file etc.). You don't need a

> Any ideas of a way to serve up a file (read-only is fine) to multiple  
> clients are gladly accepted.  Also, any clues as to why tftp and ftp  
> aren't working also gladly accepted.

Did you try


yet? I'd go with SSH and public key authentication, though, which allows
picking up on a failed transfer with rsync as well.

-Klaus Knopper

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