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Knoppix 5.0 / radeon 9250 / xinerama

I was so excited that Knoppix 5.0 uses X.org, because that should
allow Xinerama to work with a Radeon 9250 card. But I'm not having
much luck! As far as I can tell, I'm doing everything right, but
screen 1 just stays blank (actually, I think it is in power saver
mode). If I mutate the configuration by screwing up the BusID line or
something I get a cloned display.


Any suggestions appreciated. This is on a fanless Mini-ITX computer
with exactly one PCI slot, so hardware options are somewhat
limited. There is a report on the web that this works fine with
RedHat, so I'm confused why Knoppix is having trouble.


Incidentally, this is all set up booting with the
knoppix lang=us 2 cheatcode, modifying xorg.conf and running
startx. If I boot directly from knoppix without any cheatcodes,
I get a blank screen and need to reboot. Suspicious. :)


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