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Re: [debian-knoppix] Open accounting and Open source


On Wed, Apr 30, 2003 at 12:21:41PM +0200, Christian Perle wrote:
> Installing to multiple partitions is not included in knx-hdinstall,
> because dividing the "source" filesystem in /KNOPPIX to separate
> partitions needs extensive checking for free space, determine in which
> order the partitions must be mounted, etc.
> I doubt I will include this in the future, because knx-hdinstall should
> be a simple and quick installer.

i don't think it'd be that complicated, but ok.  i'm not the one
you should be tailoring this install script for anyway :)

> However, if you mount /-partition manually, create a mount point for
> /usr and mount the /usr-partition on it before "cp -a ...", Knoppix will
> get installed just the way you wanted.

it wouldn't go for me because there was a test for enough free space on
the / partition, which i usually keep pretty small.  i think this was
doing the equivalent of df on the / partition.  instead, i think it
should do something like a du -sk, which will traverse / and any mounted

> > how about this:  
> > 
> > include on the cd the debian install scripts, and put a menu
> > option on the knoppix desktop to "install debian", which
> > launches two xterms.  the first is the debian installer, and the
> Won't work. The Debian installer requires a different filesystem layout
> of the install system. And after installing, all the preconfigured
> hardware configs generated by Knoppix will be overwritten by the Debian
> installer (which is rather dumb when it comes to hardware integration).

i'm not sure what you mean by different filesystem layout.  different
mount point?  the idea i was getting at is that you install this into
a chroot, meanwhile the system doing the install is still the
autodetected knoppix environment.  after the base system is installed
into this chroot, you can copy over the autogenerated config files from
the running knoppix system, and/or noninteractively set the debconf settings
from what was autodetected.


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