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Re: [debian-knoppix] Open accounting and Open source

On Mon, 28 Apr 2003 04:25 am, Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo wrote:
> ...
>   As I told you, you can pay somebody directly to work on Debian
>   security fixes. Why is better to direct the money to Knoppix instead?
>   I'm not against Knoppix receiving money if it needs it and will use it
>   to improve the system, but I'm trying to show that there are other
>   ways to make it productive.

My take: I would also like to contribute as well but I am not
interested in GNOME and I quasi-resent Debians lack of installation
efforts over the years. It blows me away that 1 man + friends can
do what 500 developers can't... provide a focused, timely and
coherent system that is way more usable than a stock Debian
system. I've been using Debian for nearly 8 years (but still
can't build a package from scratch) but I would NOT reccommend
Debian by itself to other people but I do hand out Knoppix CDs
to first time linux users. If it was not for Knoppix I would
NOT be able to do this, as I would never foist a raw Debian
system upon a linux newbie as it would be counter productive.

** It is absolutely unreasonable to expect folks should become
software engineers to be able to surf the web via linux. **

The fact that Klaus is not a regular Debian developer and that
Debian have not adopted the Knoppix installation procedure,
as is, tells me there is some kind of technical AND political
schism between the two.

So I would like to put whatever meagre resources I can spare
into the system I have confidence in sharing with other people
and that happens to be Knoppix rather than Debian itself.

Klaus and friends, thank you most sincerely for your efforts.


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