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Re: [debian-knoppix] Knoopix 3.2 ALSA

Hi again Fabian,

At 16:43 03/04/14 +0200, Fabian Franz wrote:
>> >Are there problems to be expected ?
>> ??? What do you mean???
>I mean if I automatically configure all soundcards, that are available, I 
>could imagine, that this "could" lead to problems. So I thought aloud about 
>some switch to make it possible. 
>Perhaps something like: knoppix alsa=ice1712,ens1371

Yes, sounds good!

>> I do need the sampling rate 96KHz be set for ice1712.
>> I've been fighting this to set/configure above in Debian (ALSA)
>> but have never got a success yet. :-(
>Hm, I can't reach www.alsa-project.org atm so I can't check the possible 
>parameters, but I think you could configure that once alsa is running.

Their website has been closed for days recently.

My problem is not multiple cards but configuration of sampling rate
of 96KHz ice1712.
There is no doc/manual available then I was forced to buy OSS.
Then the problem was solved.
I will switch my project back again to ALSA and ready for fighting :-)

Thank you so much Fabian, your further work for multiple cards will be
very much appreciated.

Keep your great work going,

Kohjin - JR1EDE

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