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Re: [debian-knoppix] Knoopix 3.2 ALSA

Am Montag, 14. April 2003 16:02 schrieb Kohjin Yamada:
> Hi Fabian,
> Thanks fro the quick response.
> At 14:49 03/04/14 +0200, Fabian Franz wrote:
> >Am Montag, 14. April 2003 06:06 schrieb Kohjin Yamada:
> >> Hello Fabian and ALL,
> >>
> >> It's nice to know of new feature of ALSA configuration, thanks!
> >> I have two sound cards installed (I do need two for my application) as
> >> below; (1) MidiMan Dellta 44 96KHz sampling, module=snd-ice1712
> >> (2) Sound Blaster PCI 128 48KHz sampling, module=snd-ens1371
> >>
> >> Knoppix alsa=snd-ice1712 doesn't install nor configure.
> >
> >Please try:
> >
> >alsa=ice1712 without the "snd-" !
> >
> >Then your second card should work.
> >
> >Please report then if this works.
> Yes, it works, it's there in `lsmod` at least!


> >Is mupltiple cards support really needed ?
> Definitely needed. I don't write the reason here though.

Hm, ok. I'll think about it.

> >Are there problems to be expected ?
> ??? What do you mean???

I mean if I automatically configure all soundcards, that are available, I 
could imagine, that this "could" lead to problems. So I thought aloud about 
some switch to make it possible. 

Perhaps something like: knoppix alsa=ice1712,ens1371

> >Another switch needed ?
> I do need the sampling rate 96KHz be set for ice1712.
> I've been fighting this to set/configure above in Debian (ALSA)
> but have never got a success yet. :-(

Hm, I can't reach www.alsa-project.org atm so I can't check the possible 
parameters, but I think you could configure that once alsa is running.


edit /etc/modutils/alsa-0.9-knoppix

Put your options to the module there, then "restart" alsa with:

modprobe -r snd-ice1712
modprobe snd-ice1712

You could also add your second card, with the options as second card from 
www.alsa-project.org and then restart alsa to have botha available.

I don't have two cards, so it's not easy for me to check.

> >(I mean I could built it in, but it would need some work, as even the
> > original alsaconf did only have support for one card)
> Well, I know that it's not that easy for Knoppix but I'm sure that more
> than one sound card is rather easy to configure in Debian or any other
> distro.

hm, it is kind of easy, but I fear there could be problems involved and I 
don't want to risk this. (So that alsa will still work everytime for all 
users that have just one card, or need just one card)



> Thanks again for your help,
> Kohjin - JR1EDE
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