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Re: [debian-knoppix] Problem with pseudo terminal on X and other question...

On Mon, Apr 14, 2003 at 01:38:49AM -0300, Ernesto Domato wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> In my last attempt to modify the last version of Knoppix (3.2 
> 2003-04-10) I followed the right steps on the remastering howto (copying 
> the entire knoppix filesystem to a hd partition, chrooting to it, 
> removing packages with apt-get, etc...) and before I make the compressed 
> image I test the new modified partition using the boot.img on a floppy.
> The question is:
> Is it right that the floppy found the uncompressed partition and boots 
> it as a normal knoppix and run everything from there?. It seems that 
> even mounts the partition using the cloop module in read-only mode and 
> everything works fine. Why is that?, how does the floppy detects it even 
> when it doesn't have the compressed KNOPPIX image?. This is just to be 
> courious and to know if my machine is working fine or it's on the 
> twinlight zone :-)

Well, it just mounts all partitions read-only and searches for a file
named KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX. Same method for CD-Roms as for harddisks.

> The problem:
> After the partition is booted and the KDE is up and running, I try to 
> open a konsole or even a simple xterm and it says on the 
> .xsession-errors log that it can't open a pseudo terminal. If I launch 
> the terminal as root after exporting the DISPLAY from a console, it 
> opens fine and typing "tty" it says that use "/dev/pts/0". From the CD 
> it works fine and when you type "tty" from the terminal (no matter if it 
> is xterm or konsole or anything) it says that is using "/dev/ttyp0" when 
> you run it with knoppix user and "/dev/pts/0" when you run it as root. 
> How can I solve this problem?, does anyone knows what the problem is 
> really?, did I delete a package that I shouldn't?.

Don't know, maybe you mounted something with -o nodev, or
no pts-filesystem is mounted at all?

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