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Re: [debian-knoppix] Knoopix 3.2 ALSA

Hi Fabian,

Thanks fro the quick response.

At 14:49 03/04/14 +0200, Fabian Franz wrote:
>Am Montag, 14. April 2003 06:06 schrieb Kohjin Yamada:
>> Hello Fabian and ALL,
>> It's nice to know of new feature of ALSA configuration, thanks!
>> I have two sound cards installed (I do need two for my application) as
>> below; (1) MidiMan Dellta 44 96KHz sampling, module=snd-ice1712
>> (2) Sound Blaster PCI 128 48KHz sampling, module=snd-ens1371
>> Knoppix alsa=snd-ice1712 doesn't install nor configure.
>Please try:
>alsa=ice1712 without the "snd-" !
>Then your second card should work.
>Please report then if this works.

Yes, it works, it's there in `lsmod` at least!

>Is mupltiple cards support really needed ?

Definitely needed. I don't write the reason here though.

>Are there problems to be expected ?

??? What do you mean???

>Another switch needed ?

I do need the sampling rate 96KHz be set for ice1712.
I've been fighting this to set/configure above in Debian (ALSA)
but have never got a success yet. :-(

>(I mean I could built it in, but it would need some work, as even the original 
>alsaconf did only have support for one card)

Well, I know that it's not that easy for Knoppix but I'm sure that more than
one sound card is rather easy to configure in Debian or any other distro. 

Thanks again for your help,

Kohjin - JR1EDE

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