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[debian-knoppix] Problem with pseudo terminal on X and other question...

Hi everyone.

In my last attempt to modify the last version of Knoppix (3.2 2003-04-10) I followed the right steps on the remastering howto (copying the entire knoppix filesystem to a hd partition, chrooting to it, removing packages with apt-get, etc...) and before I make the compressed image I test the new modified partition using the boot.img on a floppy.

The question is:
Is it right that the floppy found the uncompressed partition and boots it as a normal knoppix and run everything from there?. It seems that even mounts the partition using the cloop module in read-only mode and everything works fine. Why is that?, how does the floppy detects it even when it doesn't have the compressed KNOPPIX image?. This is just to be courious and to know if my machine is working fine or it's on the twinlight zone :-)

The problem:
After the partition is booted and the KDE is up and running, I try to open a konsole or even a simple xterm and it says on the .xsession-errors log that it can't open a pseudo terminal. If I launch the terminal as root after exporting the DISPLAY from a console, it opens fine and typing "tty" it says that use "/dev/pts/0". From the CD it works fine and when you type "tty" from the terminal (no matter if it is xterm or konsole or anything) it says that is using "/dev/ttyp0" when you run it with knoppix user and "/dev/pts/0" when you run it as root. How can I solve this problem?, does anyone knows what the problem is really?, did I delete a package that I shouldn't?.

Thanks for all and I hope that you could understand this mail because my english is much worst when I'm so tired like now :-P
If you need more information, please ask.


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