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Re: [debian-knoppix] Disappearing /dev/tty2, /dev/tty6, /dev/sda

Am Montag, 25. November 2002 17:51 schrieb Whit Blauvelt:
> Thanks again for helping Chris,
> > > I don't have a clear vision of what would even have the power to remove
> > > /dev/sda. It looks like the low-numbered tty devices are recreated each
> > > time at boot, but the sda's should just be there, right? Is there some
> > > specific kernel 'feature' I should recompile without.
> >
> > Maybe the update/upgrade procedure installed devfs daemon?
> A reasonable question, but it didn't. No devfsd process. No /sbin/devfsd.
> And if it's elsewhere on the system trying to run find gives this error:
> # find / -name devfsd
> find: ./.. changed during execution of find
> - which must be something paranoid in how bash is installed, right? Same
> version of find (4.1.7) on a Gentoo box has no problem running with
> updatedb.
> So it looks like:
> + Knoppix is a great run-from-CD system
> + Knoppix, despite the recent glowing writeups, really isn't ready to be
>   used to install a working Debian, which is too bad because

I use debian from knoppix in productive environment (school, but they want to 
work with it :-) ) and it works just great ...

It IS an debian ...

Perhaps try doing an dist-upgrade to stable ... ("upgrade? more a downgrade! 

Then you really have only an debian system !

I never experienced any problems, except with buggy memory ...

And the "serious" for users problems are that there is no ext3/reiserfs 
support yet and that is worked on ...



> + The Debian Woody installer has serious problems, not just in the user
>   interface (it can skip necessary steps for no good reason, at no fault of
>   the user) - plus Debian stable lags too far behind current releases to be
>   useable as is for advanced production servers or desktops (although it's
>   fine for some things)
> Sigh. Does anyone know if Debian-Knoppix is under serious development as a
> version for installation, or am I just barking up the wrong tree to try to
> use it for installation rather than a really neat way of temporarily
> running Linux on an alien system? Find has to work; devices have to not
> disappear. Should I be reporting this further, or am I trying to use a
> hammer when I need a screwdriver?
> Whit
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