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Re: [debian-knoppix] Thanks

Hi Whit,

On Mon, Nov 25, 2002 at 13:21:40 -0500, Whit Blauvelt wrote:

> Hopefully Debian will just dump its current installer and someone will do an
> adaptation of yours for it. Even the Prodigy Woody installer has serious

No, certainly not. The Debian installer isn't too bad after all.
And knx-hdinstall was _never_ meant as a replacement for this
installer. It is just a method for the moderate experienced Linux user
to install a preconfigured Debian system in very little time.

> problems. A year ago when I traced and reported a serious bug in the Potato
> version of the Debian installer, the authors didn't want to know about it.

Really? Which bug was it?

> Yup, off to hit it hard with memtest86. If that doesn't get it it's

To get reliable information, you must run memtest86 _very_ long, at
least 48 hours.

> Yes, Christian has been responsive. But the problems - wherever they come
> from - probably aren't at the script level. Either software or hardware has
> led to problems only after some hours of running and several reboots. So my

Did you install on an ext2 filesystem, or did you hack the script to
use reiserfs, xfs or something? IMHO ext2 is rock solid, which the
journalling filesystems still have problems every now and then.

Another source of error could be the advanced IDE chipset support of
kernel 2.4.x. You told me that you ran kernel 2.2.x before. Maybe you
should use a boot option like ide0=noautotune.

> It will be really cool if one way or another a descendant of your and
> Christain's installer becomes standard for Debian.

I doubt it. There is no way of selecting single packages to install,
because everything is preinstalled in the big compressed filesystem on
the Knoppix CD. I reapeat, my script is just a method to do a quick
install of a rather large (~2GB) preconfigured Debian system.

To quote Douglas Adams: "Sorry for the inconvenience."

Christian Perle                                   perle@itm.tu-clausthal.de
Grunaer Str. 31                      http://www.itm.tu-clausthal.de/~perle/
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