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Re: [debian-knoppix] Disappearing /dev/tty2, /dev/tty6, /dev/sda

Thanks again for helping Chris,

> > I don't have a clear vision of what would even have the power to remove
> > /dev/sda. It looks like the low-numbered tty devices are recreated each time
> > at boot, but the sda's should just be there, right? Is there some specific
> > kernel 'feature' I should recompile without.
> Maybe the update/upgrade procedure installed devfs daemon?

A reasonable question, but it didn't. No devfsd process. No /sbin/devfsd.
And if it's elsewhere on the system trying to run find gives this error:

# find / -name devfsd
find: ./.. changed during execution of find

- which must be something paranoid in how bash is installed, right? Same
version of find (4.1.7) on a Gentoo box has no problem running with

So it looks like:

+ Knoppix is a great run-from-CD system
+ Knoppix, despite the recent glowing writeups, really isn't ready to be
  used to install a working Debian, which is too bad because
+ The Debian Woody installer has serious problems, not just in the user
  interface (it can skip necessary steps for no good reason, at no fault of
  the user) - plus Debian stable lags too far behind current releases to be
  useable as is for advanced production servers or desktops (although it's
  fine for some things)

Sigh. Does anyone know if Debian-Knoppix is under serious development as a
version for installation, or am I just barking up the wrong tree to try to
use it for installation rather than a really neat way of temporarily running
Linux on an alien system? Find has to work; devices have to not disappear.
Should I be reporting this further, or am I trying to use a hammer when I
need a screwdriver? 

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