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[debian-knoppix] Peng?

I was wondering what it would take to add Peng to KNOPPIX?


It's open under GPL, so I don't think that there should be any licensing issues.  I have AOL, don't think i'm a n00b because of that, and it's not by choice. hehe.  This is my FIRST experience with Linux of any type.  I just think that there are more users like me that would like to be able to connect to the internet with Linux, and see what it's really like.  I plan to purchase Mandrake 9 in the near future.

I think that it'd be great for marketing too if you want to look at it that way.  It'd be easier in convincing some people to see the legitamacy of linux.

If no one wants to add it at the moment, would it be possible for me to get some help compiling it?  Since there isn't complete write access, and i can't give write access on my NTSF drive it's saying it can't write to /etc/<something> I forgot what the second part was.  Any help would be appreciated.


PS: the link to the support forum doesn't appear to be working.
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