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[debian-knoppix] Thanks

On Mon, Nov 25, 2002 at 05:44:16PM +0100, Klaus Knopper wrote:

> > - which must be something paranoid in how bash is installed, right?
> No.

Right. No problem running find when running Knoppix from CD.

> If you are looking for an installable Linux system, please buy a box from
> Mandrake, RedHat, SuSE or download Debian (which is great for updates, if
> you ever manage to get it installed once).

Hopefully Debian will just dump its current installer and someone will do an
adaptation of yours for it. Even the Prodigy Woody installer has serious
problems. A year ago when I traced and reported a serious bug in the Potato
version of the Debian installer, the authors didn't want to know about it.
Mandrake and RedHat are imho almost as bad as Microsoft in imposing
ill-thought-out stuff on the customer, which takes too much time to track
down and undo. Haven't tried SuSE. Gentoo is delightful, up to date, and
headed by people both smart and responsive. As soon as they get their
reference installs together of 1.4 it may be time to sell RedHat stock,
meanwhile installation is smooth but takes too long unless you really need

> Absolutely right. Find should work, devices should not disappear. If they do
> this on your system, something is seriously wrong. Maybe your computer has
> defective RAM, which is a common error. You will experience all kinds of
> funny effects on all kinds of operating systems then.

Yup, off to hit it hard with memtest86. If that doesn't get it it's
presumably some more obscure hardware error. Cpuburn didn't have any trouble
running, and memtester didn't find any RAM errors, but is less than

> Maybe use a screwdriver, or better, an editor, to write an improved
> installation script, or just help Christian with the development of his own
> script. I will be happy to add your script on the CD-Rom if it is
> stable, safe and works fine.

Yes, Christian has been responsive. But the problems - wherever they come
from - probably aren't at the script level. Either software or hardware has
led to problems only after some hours of running and several reboots. So my
guess is either you're right and the hardware is eating it in my case, or
else there's a bug in some aspect of Knoppix itself that can lead to the
corruptions I've seen, and it may only be pertinent to hard drive installs,
not to the intended use of the CD.

It will be really cool if one way or another a descendant of your and
Christain's installer becomes standard for Debian.

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