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Re: making udev require 2.6.15 kernels

On Feb 11, Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> wrote:

> Why temporary, out of curiosity?  This doesn't seem like a temporary
> problem; I think this is an issue that will be just as applicable for etch+1
> as it is for etch, and I think we should be honest about that.
Because maybe in 5-10 years from now most hardware devices will have a
free firmware. I do not really believe that this will happen, but by
proposing an exception with a much limited scope than the past GR I hope
that it will be less controverial and easier to be approved.
Also note that I wrote "distribute on install media" and not "allow in

> I also think it's within the realm of reason for us to decide that source
> for things like firmware, fonts, and documentation is less important than it
> is for programs.
I also plan a GR to accept in main "less free" artwork which if removed
does not change the functionality of the software using it (e.g. the
firefox logo).


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