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Re: making udev require 2.6.15 kernels

On Feb 10, Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> wrote:

> The 2.6.8 kernel is already running, and the kernel upgrade needs a reboot
> anyway, so, we only need something that :
>   - don't mess up the currently running stuff, is it possible to have udev
>     installed to take effect after the next reboot, and keep the old udev live
>     until then ? 
>   - installs without trouble.
>   - works fine when the newer kernel is booted into.
I think that this can be arranged easily (by not killing the old udevd)
with a few package tweaks and should not cause any problems as long as
the next reboot will happen "soon".
I'm just not sure if it can/should be automatic too.

Even if for some reason the old daemon could not be kept running then
/dev will continue working until the next reboot.

> Naturally, the problem with this approach is that if the reboot with the newer
> kernel fails, then the user is hosed, but this can be worked with in some
> manner.
If the new kernel fails and users reboot again with the old kernel then
the system will boot using the static /dev. How much this will break is
system-dependent and impossible to predict.

>   1) sarge-udev & etch-udev install concurently, maybe using the divert or
>   alternative mechanism to not overwrite their files.
As I explained, I do not believe that on-disk co-existence of two udev
packages is feasible.

> I got a guy complaining about powerpc/alsa being broken this past week for
Nobody reported this to me.

> Ah, it needs to be ready at etch freeze time, that is end of july.
This is a lot of time.


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