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Re: CRITICAL: Don't remove kernels 2.4.x, anybody upgraded hsflinmodem to 2.6.x?

Dear Marco (and Francesco)

>> Running the modem at 14.4 kbps is a real pain, in practice not usable.
>> The latest version without the speed limitation is hsflinmodem-5.03.27
>> and these drivers don't work with kernels 2.6.x!!
> Too bad for you then. Supporting binary-only drivers is not really
> relevant in the decision to support or not 2.4 kernels in etch.
> --
> ciao,
> Marco

Thank for the info. Of course the question of binary-only drivers should
not decide whether 2.4.x kernels should be in etch or not. One only gets
very frustrated about the risk of not being able to use the built-in modem
any longer.

Apparently, according to Francesco P. Lovergine , the latest version of
hsflinmodem (5.03.27) was not free at all, it was a beta. Can anybody
confirm this, since both 5.0327lnxbeta and 5.0327 versions exist... Lets
forget about these winmodems (installed in many laptops) and their support
for Linux (I will never pay the $15 for getting the highest speed, it's
not about money but principles. I wonder how many people really do pay for
such software...)

Can anybody advice me what to buy as a replacement, an PCMCIA modem or an
USB modem. Of special interest is of course Linux support. Then we can all
drop the 2.4.x kernels, including me .. ;-)


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