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Re: CRITICAL: Don't remove kernels 2.4.x, anybody upgraded hsflinmodem to 2.6.x?

>>> On Tue, 19 Jul 2005 svante@imit.kth.se wrote:
>>>> As you all know the hsflinmodem packages are non-free and crippled to
>>>> 14.4 kbps. Has anybody ported the hsflinmodem-5.03.27 (the latest free
>>>> versions) to work for kernels 2.6.x?? In case not, the removal of
>>>> kernels 2.4.x is a very BAD idea.... I'm using 2.4.x only for the
>>>> modem
>>>> support when on dial-up connections. The computer is a laptop so the
>>>> HW
>>>> is not easily changed. Please...

Can a bug report againts kernels 2.4.x raise the importance of this
question? What do you think, no replies obtained about this issue so far.
Posting to debian-devel?

> After Googling for some hours I have found that many other Linux
> distributions do supply the hsflinmodem-5.03.27 kernel modules to their
> customers but obviously not Debian. Any reason for this?
> However, these modules do only work with kernels 2.4.x :-( Is it
> impossible to port the drivers from 5.03.27 to kernels 2.6.x? Have anybody
> tried?

Is porting to 2.6 impossible, which are the differences between the
kernels? I can try, but want to know if there is a chance to succeed!

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