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Re: Dark screen when booting debian-kernel 2.6.11

Hi Laszlo, bonsoir Michelle

We are one step ahead: Setting COONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONFIG=n
resulted in a bootable kernel.
During bootup, my console is still dark and I can't see
any messages. But X starts up and I can log in.
If I switch then to any of my six consoles, fancy coloured patterns
appear on the display.

I did a "grep -i conso /var/log/dmesg /var/log/kern.log /var/log/messages
The result is negativ: not one match.

So it looks like a console problem and we can forget the SATA thing at
the moment.

Next question would be: How to achieve a visible and usable console?

(The question after then will be: How to get my Broadcom network adapter
running? It's currently running with the tg3 module. One of those
that have been dropped out of the kernel.)

Thanks and regards

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