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Re: Mail-Server response: A000002 NO Authentication failed

Dear hefee,

I thank you very much for being patient. 
> logging is done under the logging tab. (the next tab).
 YES, I have wachted the LOG of akonadiconsole
but too cannot find any characteristic message in there.
So today a installed in an VM  <suduction>-Linux and ONLY set up
the only one mail-account --> same result.
As in former message told, I installed too the MATE-Destop;
logged in an only started thunderbird ->  so in this case NO error raised up !

So we end up here - there must be a special condition in akonadi/mail which
causes the mail-server at my ISP (here in Austria = A1.net) to respond with 
this message, but however with no effect on delievering emails to my client.

Perhaps I have a chance/way to contact support-engineers to face them with 
this message "A000002 NO  authentication failed".

Again, THANK you.

Am Sonntag, 20. März 2022, 18:49:50 CET schrieben Sie:
> Hey Herbert,
> Well the akonadiconsole debugger shows the prococol of akonadi server
> talking to the resources and kmail/kontakt. This is the internal protocol
> what is not interesting in your case. I have nearly no knowledge about the
> internal protocol. That's why I cannot tell you why other email addresses
> are send to resource 3. It seems like those are searches for mails.
> We are interested in the communication resource <-> outside world. The
> logging is done under the logging tab. (the next tab).
> > So the competition-question: Why does job akonadi_imap_resource_3 cause
> > the
> > pop-up- windows even email are fetched from the mail-server without
> > problems ?
> I still have no idea it should not. Maybe the server returns an error code
> but still returns valid content.
> regards,
> hefee

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