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Re: Mail-Server response: A000002 NO Authentication failed


> Thank you for your answer. O.k. you gave me an interesting 'homework' (I
> learned a lot meanwhile, because i am just an ONU (Otto normal user)
> My logfiles are here:
> https://paste.debian.net/1233928/

The logfile seems fine - I can also see no error. So it is not an problem of 
an not standard conform IMAP server.

Just a random thought, do you have any other account configured, that failed 
to login? You can use akonadiconsole to check this. See the Agent tab ( first 
tab), And you can use the "logging" tab (fourth tab) to see what it logs. 
Disable logging before closing, otherwise it will forward everything to 
If you like to use the console you can do the same with:
QT_LOGGING_RULES="*=true;qt.*=false" akonadictl restart
In our case this should be enough.



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