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Re: Digital clock wizard and 24-hour format

On Sunday, 20 March 2022 18:29:54 CET Shai Berger wrote:

> FWIW, my digital clock's "Time display" is set to "Use Region

> Defaults", not "24 hours", and I do get a 24 hour clock (which is what

> my region defines).

I've fixed that issue on my box about 6 month ago, I can't remember how I did that exactly. The core of it however was that the `locales` were defined in several places, like 2 or 3, and that one of them was inconsistent with the others. And I've just deleted it.

Now my setting is, I have no local whatsoever, viz, I use `LC_ALL="C.UTF-8"` and that's it. Only "spell check" is "US-EN".

Really my issue was with the screen saver time display. And there were no simple way to fix that. But with "consistent" locales, it really works smoothly.

And not every bits of kde software were looking in kde config for locales data, and there were the system wide locales, and the user's locales: that makes three.

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