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Mail-Server response: A000002 NO Authentication failed

Dear Debian-community,

irregularly an x-window pops up with message:

The server (my e-mail-server at my standard internet-provider) rejected the user-name and the password. Login failed. Server response is: A000002 NO  Authentication failed.

BUT nevertheless  my mail-client (Kmail)  d o e s  receive every message.

Serveral attempts by myside to locate the error - believed that problems in Debian 11 with kontact/kmail/akonadi/ could be the reason.

Anyway distribution-tests in my VM (Debian testing / Debian oldstable / Manjaro) lead to the same message.

So can I find the reason within my Debian 11 bullseye   o r   is this is a special behaviour within the mailserver at my provider ( A1.net in Austria)

This only appears within Linux - my (dual-boot) Windows 10  or my smartphone-app runs without such message !

Any help / tips appreciated.

Greetings Herbert

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