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Re: Wayland in current KDE

On Sunday, 6 March 2022 10:20:22 CET tv.debian wrote:
> Le 06/03/2022 à 04:19, chris a écrit :
> > Just a small related comment, with upgrade to 5.24 from a week or so ago,
> > the panel, wallpapers, etc switched between laptop monitor and external
> > monitor. Beside that I've noticed that there now is the possibility to
> > select a "primary" monitor in Setting/Wayland, which I think wasn't
> > possible before. Anyway, no big deal. But the primary monitor thing could
> > mean no more monitor swapping in the future. At the moment, the external
> > 4K monitor has been selected as primary: I don't know what would be the
> > behavior were I to unplug it.
> > 
> > On Saturday, 19 February 2022 19:49:23 CET Leonid.  wrote:
> >> 18.02.2022, 20:00, "Luc Castermans" <luc.castermans@gmail.com>:
> >> well...
> >> - on a laptop with integrated graphics controller it works :=)
> >> - on a desktop with separate NVDIA card it doesn't even start (!)
> >> 
> >> I suppose problem isn't in X-server, I think problem in user :)
> >> You should try start "ready to start" distribution for test Xorg, if you
> >> aren't sure in your configuration. For example... live-cd ubuntu image.
> Same experience here, the external TV had the desktop attributes (bar,
> plasmoïdes...), but manually selecting the laptop screen got things back
> in order. After plugin/unplugin the secondary screen the marked primary
> screen stays stable.

In my case the attribution of screens is the other way around, the external 
monitor, has been automatically afaik, assigned as primary.
It seems legit since I never use the laptop screen. Laptop monitor is TN 
1366x768, external monitor is 4K, IPS.
In any case I won't try high risk experiment consisting in unplugging external 
monitor, or changing primary attribute.
The prospect of having to spend hours to fix it is way too scary.

> On several machines the shortcut that binds the app menu (using the full
> screen app launcher) to the "Windows" key was unbinded. Setting it to
> something random, then back to "alt+F1" did the trick. Minor stuff,
> otherwise good experience so far.

My keyboard must be very very old because it doesn't have a windows key, viz 
no meta key neither. I do and have done Alt + F1 from day one. I've assigned 
Alt+F11 to overview.

Generally Kwin/Wayland experience is the most awesome.

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