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Re: Wayland in current KDE

Just a small related comment, with upgrade to 5.24 from a week or so ago, the 
panel, wallpapers, etc switched between laptop monitor and external monitor. 
Beside that I've noticed that there now is the possibility to select a 
"primary" monitor in Setting/Wayland, which I think wasn't possible before. 
Anyway, no big deal. But the primary monitor thing could mean no more monitor 
swapping in the future. At the moment, the external 4K monitor has been 
selected as primary: I don't know what would be the behavior were I to unplug 

On Saturday, 19 February 2022 19:49:23 CET Leonid.  wrote:
> 18.02.2022, 20:00, "Luc Castermans" <luc.castermans@gmail.com>:
> well...
> - on a laptop with integrated graphics controller it works :=)
> - on a desktop with separate NVDIA card it doesn't even start (!)
> I suppose problem isn't in X-server, I think problem in user :)
> You should try start "ready to start" distribution for test Xorg, if you
> aren't sure in your configuration. For example... live-cd ubuntu image.
> -- 

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