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Re: Konqueror is hidden and can't be brought back, but is still running after "Quit"

On 01/25/2018 03:05 PM, Xavier Brochard wrote:
Le jeudi 25 janvier 2018, 23:33:57 CET Nuno Oliveira a �crit :
[ konqueror] I'm not sure if it is still (well) maintained or
will be migrated at all to Qt5.

Well Konqueror is more or less dead and should be soon replaced by Qupzilla as a KDE
project. QupZilla is incubating as a KDE project since August under the new "*Falkon"
See https://community.kde.org/Incubator/Projects/Falkon
"During the Akademy 2017 Konqueror BoF, the ex-maintainer of Konqueror, David Faure,
proposed to integrate QupZilla into KDE in order to replace the aging Konqueror. (His
reasoning is that QupZilla is already much more advanced in terms of webbrowsing
features, and there is almost nobody working in Konqueror, so there is no point in
duplicating efforts). "

We have some problems here, KDE Dolphin is using SUDO User so viewing root files and as user it's more difficult for making systemsettings5 changes for root look and feel you need gksu to get oxygen icons in synaptic. With Konqueror you can still use SU and view root but not with Dolphin. As for browsing the web with a KDE app I've never done that and never will. Konq is a simple file manager that I've used for something like 20 years or more, getting the filter bar was a nice add-on.

Jimmy Johnson

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