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Re: Konqueror is hidden and can't be brought back, but is still running after "Quit"

Il 26 gennaio 2018 10:39:29 CET, Samuel RIFFLE <email.seriffle@gmail.com> ha scritto:
>I strongly rely on Konqueor, as a file browser;
>Yes, the web part needs updated;
>Do you know if the current plan is to completely, eliminate the file
>browser functionality ?
>I would like to know if that functionality can be adopted, if necesary
>myself and those with similar needs.

The file browsing functionality of Konqueror are provided (and have been provided for a long while) by Dolphin (namely Dolphin provides a component, the Dolphin KPart, which is used by Konqueror and potentially other KParts-based application).



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