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Re: Konqueror is hidden and can't be brought back, but is still running after "Quit"

Hi again,

Apparently there are many different things and unexpected behaviours
in the current version of konqueror. For instance, if you open the
configuration menu several items / options seem to be missing from the
past version. I'm not sure if it is still (well) maintained or will be
migrated at all to Qt5.



* inkbottle <inkbottle007@gmail.com> [2018-01-25 22:28]:
On Thursday, January 25, 2018 10:50:08 PM CET Nuno Oliveira wrote:

You might try

konqueror about:konqueror

or open anyother URL. I got the same behaviour.

OK, that works.

Should I make a bug report about that?
Or wait for 17.12?



* inkbottle <inkbottle007@gmail.com> [2018-01-25 13:32]:
>You might want to try that:
>Open Konqueror
>check "ps -e|grep -i konqueror"
>Go in Konqueror menu and do "quit"
>check "ps -e|grep -i konqueror", for me it's still running
>>From that point on, either from plasma menu, or from command line, I
>bring back Konqueror window.
>If I kill it, then I can have it again though.
>I've got latest sid version I believe.
>I haven't searched for upstream bug yet.
>It seems it is reproducible for another user at least.

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