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Re: Konqueror is hidden and can't be brought back, but is still running after "Quit"

Le jeudi 25 janvier 2018, 23:33:57 CET Nuno Oliveira a écrit :

> [ konqueror] I'm not sure if it is still (well) maintained or

> will be migrated at all to Qt5.


Well Konqueror is more or less dead and should be soon replaced by Qupzilla as a KDE project. QupZilla is incubating as a KDE project since August under the new "Falkon" name

See https://community.kde.org/Incubator/Projects/Falkon

"During the Akademy 2017 Konqueror BoF, the ex-maintainer of Konqueror, David Faure, proposed to integrate QupZilla into KDE in order to replace the aging Konqueror. (His reasoning is that QupZilla is already much more advanced in terms of webbrowsing features, and there is almost nobody working in Konqueror, so there is no point in duplicating efforts). "





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