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Re: Konqueror is hidden and can't be brought back, but is still running after "Quit"


inkbottle - 25.01.18, 14:32:
> You might want to try that:
> Open Konqueror
> check "ps -e|grep -i konqueror"
> Go in Konqueror menu and do "quit"
> check "ps -e|grep -i konqueror", for me it's still running

Depending on configuration I think that is intentional. As I think it can be 
told to keep processes for faster startup times. Yeah, you can find it in 
settings under performance (translated from german "Leistung"). 

> >From that point on, either from plasma menu, or from command line, I cannot
> bring back Konqueror window.

this is a bug I can reproduce.

You can set there whether it shall keep a Konqueror process around in the 
background. When I disable this, the process gets closed. And then I can re-
open a Konqueror again as well.

So or so this this appears to be an upstream issue for me, so… I kindly ask 
you to look in upstream bug tracker https://bugs.kde.org and report it there 
is not already done.

> If I kill it, then I can have it again though.
> I've got latest sid version I believe.
> I haven't searched for upstream bug yet.
> It seems it is reproducible for another user at least.

I had another issue I didn´t write about so far: With that performance setting 
in place (try to keep a Konqueror process in background) I had it that session 
management opened a Konqueror despite me having closed the last Konqueror 
window. I worked around this with a crude hack:

% cat .config/plasma-workspace/env/remove-konqueror-from-session.sh 

rm /home/martin/.config/session/konqueror_*_*_*

I will remove this hack now, maybe the issue does not appear again after I 
told Konqueror not to keep a process around.


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