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Re: [stretch] kdialog and okular still based on kde4

On Monday, 20 March 2017 16:39:53 CET Luigi Toscano wrote:
> The package name in gentoo seems to have no specific hints; but anyway,
> looking at the dependencies in Debian you can spot the version of Qt used
> (and/or whether it's kdelibs4 vs Frameworks).

This is what that user sees on gentoo:

> $equery list -op okular
> * Searching for okular ...
> [-P-] [  ] kde-apps/okular-16.08.3:4/16.08
> [-P-] [  ] kde-apps/okular-16.12.3:5
> [I-O] [  ] kde-apps/okular-9999:5

He tells me that:

okular-16.08.3:4 means that release 16.08 is in slot 4, so kde4.
okular-16.12.3:5 means that 16.12 is in slot 5, so kf5.

Slots are mechanisms specific to gentoo's package-management.


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