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Re: Digikam and phonon-backend-vlc (was: Re: Digikam 4:2.9.0-2 rebuild for Wheezy/Sid)

A Dilluns, 17 de setembre de 2012 16:01:13, Martin Steigerwald va escriure:
> If need be I will ask around at debian-kde for others to test the Digikam
> packages I uploaded with phonon-backend-vlc. Readers from debian-kde feel
> free to test my package builds and report your results. (No warranties
> whatsoever, these are just unclean non chroot builds which may carry more
> dependencies than necessary.)
> Thanks,

Thank you Martin for your packages, I tested here your digikam packages and 
they work perfectlly.

I'm using the phonon VLC backend with PulseAudio, also on another machine I 
tested your packages with the same setup plus packages from deb-multimedia and 
I also I haven't any issue.

Best regards,


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