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Re: Phonon and pulseaudio

On 2012-02-27, Alan Ezust <alan.ezust@gmail.com> wrote:
> Are we really supposed to use pulseaudio instead of phonon now? How do you

There is nothing that cannot be solved with a additional level of
indirection (except too many levels of indirections).

The phonon audio architecture is basically like this on linux:

(Ascii art coming up)

 v     |
foo >  v
 |1   pulseaudio2
 v    v       |
 alsalib      v
 v          bluetoothaudio

(for various values of foo).

where either 1) (the line from foo to alsa) or 2) pulseaudio and related
lines is used.

So it is not a 'use pulseaudio instead of phonon' but *also* using

The advantage of the extra level of indirection is among other things
that it makes rerouting audio very easy.

My current configuration of my 'background noise':

In living room, next to my office, I have a great big stereo. From teh
loudspeakers comes the music by the fabulous artist 'lykke li'.

'lykke li' is played with 'mplayer' on the computer in my office.

To get this to work, I did the following:

installed pulseaudio and bluedevil and the pulseaudio bluetooth and of
course kmix (and mplayer)

Via bluedevil, I configured my bluetooth device in my computer to speak
with the bluetooth device that I have attached to the 'tv audio in' RCA
ports on my stereo.

Then I started playing my sound files, and opened kmix. In kmix, I right
clicked on the mplayer stream and clicked 'move to <device>'. And then
by magic, music on the good speakers in livingroom, while still having
*all* other audio thru the crappy speakersin the computer.

I can as easy route the music back. or route other audio to the
livingroom. with pulse.

There is also somehow network transparncy the same way as there is
bluetooth transparancy, but I haven't yet had the need to figure out


ps.: alan - I enjoyed your Qt book.

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