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Re: Phonon and pulseaudio

On Tuesday 21 February 2012 18:25:52 Frédéric Burlet wrote:
> I recently "dist-upgraded" my debian unstable and since then I don't have 
> sound anymore in KDE.
> I checked what has been upgraded and I noticed that phonon and pulseaudio
> have  been updated.

Since the upgrade of phonon, I'm getting error msg which I didn't have before, like "The audio 
playback device HDA ATI SB (VT1818S Analog) does not work.
Falling back to Default."
I did get that msg with earlier versions of phonon though.

And since the upgrade of phonon, sound doesn't work _sometimes_ , but I haven't found a consistent 
cause/effect with it (to report it).
I'm using alsa though.


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