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Re: kde 4.6

On 27 of March 2011 15:59:46 Modestas Vainius wrote:
> Hello,
> On sekmadienis 27 Kovas 2011 13:14:24 Igor Sheykin wrote:
> > I think this question is very popular in the last few weeks.
> > Nevertheless, "When would be KDE 4.6.x added to debian repos?",
> > or it would be better to ask "Would some new KDE4 versions added to
> > debian repos before Wheezy stable release?".
> > What are the reasons why there are no new versions of KDE4 ?
> KDE SC 4.6.1 -> http://qt-kde.debian.net/ (ETA a few days). This time new
> KDE will not conflict with most third-party applications (e.g. ktorrent,
> kdiff3 etc.) from official archive (however there might be a few crashes,
> not sure yet).
> Official archive will get KDE SC 4.6.2 or later.
> P.S. Upgrade will not be very smooth for semiofficial KDE SC 4.5.1/4.5.3
> users. Some more advanced apt/aptitude/dpkg experience might be needed. Be
> prepared.

Thank you very much Modestas for your work. If possible, could you please 
clarify in details which exactly help may people from outside Debian project 
provide to help speed-up the process of new KDE coming to official repos? I've 
read about copyright issues but unfortunately I'm not that deep in Debian 
"internals" and don't have any single idea of how exactly I can help.

Thanks in advance.

Pavel Mihaduk

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