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Re: kde 4.6

I didn't help, that's true.

I'm too busy involved with other projects outside Debian, I'm just a

happy user. I greatly appreciate the free time that's spend in Debian

by lots of people! But that's not why these questions rise. It's

because we aren't properly informed over the progress, we were told it

would be uploaded in early march.

It's almost April now ;-)

These questions would not have been asked if there was a clear progress schedule to follow. Maybe if there was such a progress schedule, then people can see more clear when and where to step in to help with their skills. This is also something that's needed for the projects I'm involved with. So when

I've stumbled to a practical solution for such a schedule then I let

you know. Maybe someone already knows an exciting solution for this? An

easy open-source tool to display and maintain this on a website?


Kind regards,

Kees de Jong

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