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Re: kde 4.6


On sekmadienis 27 Kovas 2011 16:17:07 Beojan Stanislaus wrote:
> What I don't understand is the reason why the same packaging (as for 4.5.1)
> can't be used (simply updating the version numbers, and uploaders field,
> and such things).

Well, it is not that simple. A tiny package typically requires more changes 
than this. KDE packaging is complex, KDE is huge, it takes much time even to 
barely rebuild the packages.

> Is there a big change in dependancies, or how KDE is
> compiled, of something of that sort?

There will be some major internal packaging changes. And I already noted one 
of the new "user-visible" packaging features but I can quote again:

> This time new
> KDE will not conflict with most third-party applications (e.g. ktorrent,
> kdiff3 etc.) from official archive (however there might be a few crashes,
> not sure yet).

Modestas Vainius <modax@debian.org>

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