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Re: How to get rid of unused activities?

Am Monday 28 March 2011 schrieb Michael Schuerig:
> On Monday 28 March 2011, Xavier Brochard wrote:
> > Michael Schuerig wrote:
> > > I'm not actively using KDE's activities, but for some reason >20 of
> > > them have accumulated behind my back, as I only noticed
> > > accidentally. As I only need just one of them, I'd like to get rid
> > > of the rest.
> > > 
> > > In KDE 4.5.3 (Debian experimental-snapshots), the context menu on
> > > the desktop has an entry "Activities" that shows a bar of
> > > activities at the bottom of the screen. In my case, they have
> > > somewhat strange icons and all are named "Desktop". I didn't find
> > > any help anywhere, but apparently I can stop an activity by
> > > clicking in the upper right corner of its icon and in turn a small
> > > x is shown there.
> > 
> > clicking on the red "x" will remove the activity
> > activities can be stopped by clicking on the square black and white
> > icon in the center of the activity icon
> I noticed that accidentally just after reading your paragraph.
> Apparently it is a two step process:
> - Click the upper right corner of an activity icon to make a red "x"
> appear.
> - Then click again on the "x". Now a dialog asks for confirmation to
> remove the activity.
> Is this kind of interaction supposed to be intuitive, even sensible?
> Without asking it didn't occur to me and as far as I can tell, it isn't
> documented anywhere.

Activities have been reworked once again for KDE 4.6, so it appears to me 
its better to wait for KDE 4.6 instead of wasting complaints on an 
outdated version of the activity system that has been superseded already.

I also find this activity stuff not quite intuitive. Sometimes it seems to 
be that the KDE developer themselves do not know at what to do with it.

But then there have been some blog entries of Chani and I think another 
KDE developer about activities in KDE 4.6 and that stuff written there 
begins to make sense for me. Lets see how activities fare with KDE 4.6

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