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Re: Akonadi agents?

On Monday, 2010-06-21, Michael Schuerig wrote:
> On Monday 21 June 2010, Kevin Krammer wrote:

> thanks for the explanation. There's one crucial thing I'm not clear
> about yet: Are the resource agents -- supposed to be -- the path of
> access to the given resource?

They provide data to Akonadi, Akonadi provides the data to all other clients.
Data added by other clients to folders (Akonadi collections) controlled by a 
resource are added to that resource. How the resource reacts on that depends 
on the resource, e.g.upload, store in file, whatever.

> I don't have resources for notes and bookmarks, still KNotes sees its
> notes and Konqueror as well as the Bookmark Editor have access to their
> bookmarks. I take this to mean that these programs access the data
> around the resource agents. The same might be true for contacts and
> calendar in Kontact.

As of KDE 4.4, the only KDE PIM application using Akonadi as its main data 
provider is KAddressBook. So that means contacts in Kontact.
Calendar is still using the old KResource framework, so is KNotes (or whatever 
it used to access its data).
Konqueror, or rather KDE's bookmark library, is also directly accessing the 
respective files.

> > > I have no clear idea what agents for "Bookmarks", "Dummy
> > > MailTransport Resource", "Maildir", "Mbox", "POP3", "Notes",
> > > "Nepomuk Tags", "Usenet Newsgroups" are good for. None of these
> > > are or were running.
> > 
> > Dummy MailTransport Resource sounds like a development related
> > thingy, i.e. not something that should be installed in a normal
> > system.
> > Probably an error in upstream's build system files.
> I don't quite understand what the purposes of the mail-related agents
> are. Does Nepomuk use them to index mail? Where and how are they
> configured "publicly"? I can configure them in akonadiconsole, but
> that's a development tool.

The mail related agents are there for providing mail to mail using 
applications, e.g. email clients, new email notifiers, etc. [1]
The Nepomuk Email Feeder is indeed using the mails like its Contact sibling 
working on contacts.

One maildir resource is usually created by the Maildispatcher agent, so it has 
at least one outbox and one sent-mail folder to work on.

The KMail migrator will create resources for all accounts configured in KMail 
when it processes the exisiting KMail config on upgrade to KMail2.

EMail programs, such as KMail2 or the Akonadi based experiemental version of 
Mailody, have account setup facilities which will also result in resources 
being created.

Finally, next version of KDE PIM will reintroduce [2] a 
systemsettings/controlcenter module for configuring resources (just like it 
has right now for KResource plugins).


[1] indirect usage could be accessing contacts or calendar on an IMAP server, 
e.g. a Kolab based groupware system
[2] it is installed but "hidden" from the systemsettings application.
kcmshell4 kcm_akonadi can currently be used to access it.

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