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Akonadi agents?

Can anyone enlighten me or point me to an explanation of what the 
various Akonadi agents do?

Looking at akonadiconsole, I found that I had several duplicate agents 
for Personal Contacts and some other resources. I trimmed them down to

- Personal Contacts, using /home/michael/.local/share/contacts/
- Nepomuk Contact Feeder
- Another vcard resource for a single read-only vcard file
- Mail Dispatcher Agent (what's that for)
- std.ics, using /home/michael/.kde/share/apps/korganizer/std.ics
- Birthdays & Anniversaries

Note that I only deleted obvious duplicates and unconfigured agents.

I have no clear idea what agents for "Bookmarks", "Dummy MailTransport 
Resource", "Maildir", "Mbox", "POP3", "Notes", "Nepomuk Tags", "Usenet 
Newsgroups" are good for. None of these are or were running.


Michael Schuerig

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