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Re: Akonadi agents?

On Monday, 2010-06-21, Michael Schuerig wrote:
> Can anyone enlighten me or point me to an explanation of what the
> various Akonadi agents do?


Agents are helper processes, that do things on behalf of the user 
You can think of them as being similar to system daemons, just on a user 
session level.

They are started by Akonadi Control (and restared in case of a crash), just 
like Akonadiserver itself.

One special kind of agents is called Akonadi Resources. These are programs 
which provide the actual data, a bit lik fetchmail or running rsync as a 

> Looking at akonadiconsole, I found that I had several duplicate agents
> for Personal Contacts and some other resources. I trimmed them down to
> - Personal Contacts, using /home/michael/.local/share/contacts/

This is a resource that handles contact data stored in a directory, one 
contact per file. (also supports distribution lists)

> - Nepomuk Contact Feeder

This is a normal (non-resource) agent (meaning it doesn't provide any data), 
which "sees" all contacts passing through Akonadi and extracts information for 
searching, which it then puts into the search engine (in this case Nepomuk).

> - Another vcard resource for a single read-only vcard file

Similar to "Personal Contacts" but operating on one file containing multiple 

Most likely configured to work on the file used by KDE's previous address book 

> - Mail Dispatcher Agent (what's that for)

An agent that has roughly the job of an MTA (e.g. Exim, Postfix).
It monitors "outbox" folders and sends them with the respective transport 

> - std.ics, using /home/michael/.kde/share/apps/korganizer/std.ics

Same as for the vcard resource.

> - Birthdays & Anniversaries

This one creates kind of "virtual" calendar items based on birthday and 
anniversary dates it finds in contacts.
You only need that one if you want your contact's special dates to show up in 
calendaring applications.

> I have no clear idea what agents for "Bookmarks", "Dummy MailTransport
> Resource", "Maildir", "Mbox", "POP3", "Notes", "Nepomuk Tags", "Usenet
> Newsgroups" are good for. None of these are or were running.

Dummy MailTransport Resource sounds like a development related thingy, i.e. 
not something that should be installed in a normal system.
Probably an error in upstream's build system files.

Maildir, MBox and POP3 are resources for mail sources, i.e. local maildir 
directories, local mbox files, POP3 servers.
There is also an IMAP resource.

Bookmarks are for bookmark files in XBEL format (such as used by Konqueror or 

Notes is, AFAIK, for "Sticky Notes" files, e.g. KNotes.

Usenet Newsgroups is for NNTP servers.

I am not sure about Nepomuk Tags. I think it creates a folder tree based on 
Nepomuk tagged Akonadi items. E.g. if you tag emails in different folders with 
the same tag, the Nepomuk Tag Resource will show them together in the same 


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