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Re: Akonadi agents?

On Monday 21 June 2010, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Monday, 2010-06-21, Michael Schuerig wrote:
> > Can anyone enlighten me or point me to an explanation of what the
> > various Akonadi agents do?
> Sure.
> Agents are helper processes, that do things on behalf of the user
> applications.
> You can think of them as being similar to system daemons, just on a
> user session level.


thanks for the explanation. There's one crucial thing I'm not clear 
about yet: Are the resource agents -- supposed to be -- the path of 
access to the given resource?

I don't have resources for notes and bookmarks, still KNotes sees its 
notes and Konqueror as well as the Bookmark Editor have access to their 
bookmarks. I take this to mean that these programs access the data 
around the resource agents. The same might be true for contacts and 
calendar in Kontact.

> > I have no clear idea what agents for "Bookmarks", "Dummy
> > MailTransport Resource", "Maildir", "Mbox", "POP3", "Notes",
> > "Nepomuk Tags", "Usenet Newsgroups" are good for. None of these
> > are or were running.
> Dummy MailTransport Resource sounds like a development related
> thingy, i.e. not something that should be installed in a normal
> system.
> Probably an error in upstream's build system files.

I don't quite understand what the purposes of the mail-related agents 
are. Does Nepomuk use them to index mail? Where and how are they 
configured "publicly"? I can configure them in akonadiconsole, but 
that's a development tool.


Michael Schuerig

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