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Re: [WebKit-devel] Roadmap until the spring?

On Thursday 19 November 2009 12:25:40 Adrian von Bidder wrote:
> Heyho!
> [please cc: me on replies, I'm not on the mailing lists.  Thank you.]
> I'm using the webkit kpart as default browser for my (limited, I'm not that
> much of a lives-in-the-web-mostly person) web browsing and don't have many
> problems.

Nice to hear :)

> With the freeze for Debian squeeze (currently testing) coming up within the
> next months: should I try to get the webkit kpart into the squeeze stable
> release (which will probably be based on KDE 4.3.2 or 4.3.3), or is it
>  still changing too fast?  (Note that squeeze will have the usual Debian
>  life cycle of 18m onths to 2 years until it is replaced by squeeze + 1)

Things will change slower now, since parts of webkitkde are in kdelibs 
(QtWebKit bindings and network stuff). Thus there will only be changes in the 
KPart; all other is "handled" by kdelibs. Sure, there will be changes, but 
infrastructure will not change that much anymore.

> The main issue I see is potential security bugs.  I'm not good enough a C++
> coder to fix these myself, so I'd need some help.  OTOH I'd expect most
> security issues to come from webkit itself and not the qt/kde bindings, so
> we may be able to handle this.

I do not expect security bugs directly in the KPart. Security bugs in WebKit 
need to be handled by Qt.

> In the longer term:  I understand the webkit KDE bindings will move into
> kdelibs soon-ish (KDE 4.4?)  Will the kpart move with it, or will it
> continue to be distributed separately for some time?

As told above already, it's in kdelibs already (and will be released with 
4.4). The only thing which is not in kdelibs is the WebKit KPart. It will 
probably move to extragear at some point, but that's another topic.


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